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Kenzo and Smilla in dreamland





We don't have any puppyplans for the year 2012

The puppies from our Worldwinner combination has finally arrived on the night to friday.

4 wonderfull little cute puppies! 2 sable males, 1 sable bitch and 1 tric bitch!!!! Pictures will be updated every week under B-kuld, gallery

Next time  our WorldWinner 2010 CORYDON DESIRE ME "Gucci" goes in heat(expected December/January), she will be mated.

For a long time we have been looking for the perfect male for Gucci and now we have decided to use this fantastic stud


WW2010, Int. CH., DKCH, NOCH, NO.W. 2010
Shep's Gonzales Que Gaupo "Basil"

Both dogs have good temperaments. Gucci is our little charmer, she is very outgoing and just loves to talk to everybody, and Basil is a wellbalanced, sweet and calm male.

Basil and Gucci compliments eachother nicely on the exterior side, so with this inlinebreeding on 3,418%, we are hoping for fantastic puppies from this combination.

The healtnumbers are super in this combination:

                        Basil:                                     Gucci:
                    HD:  A/A                                 HD:  A/A
                   Eyes: Mild crd                        Eyes: Mild crd
                   Index: 112                             Index: 106

Dear Karen, THANK YOU so much for letting us use your wonderfull boy!!!

The pedigree on the expected pups from this gentleman and this lady will be updated shortly....