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About us

We are a little family of 2 adults Carsten and Birthe, our daughter Michelle and 4 collies.

Almost 35 years ago we had our first collie, a nice tricolour male, "Bounty". He was so gentle, easy and kind that when he went away, it didn't last long before the loss became so great, that we simply had to have a new collie, this time a zobel male. "Toffie" was incredible intelligent, and he did not leave my side unless he was forced to do so. About a year after we brought home yet another male, our blue merle "Krisser".

Over the years our great passion for this intelligent, beautiful and elegant race has grown more and more, and having had collies for now 35 years, we have learned a lot and achieved a great deal of experience from this wonderful and gentle race. And now, with more time and ressources, we have decided to make a dream come true, to have our own little colliekennel.

In February 2007 we therefore had our first bitch "Chanel" brought home from kennel KASSIOPEIA in Germany.

With Chanel we have been very fortunate, she is very intelligent, beautiful and have an incredible good temper, also she has by far fulfilled our greatest expectations in both obedience and in Shows.

Therefore, she had our first litter of puppies and became the foundation for the start of our kennel TREASURE COLLIES. 



Wild Dance Wionara of Kassiopeia